• Mirrors

    We have small selection of contemporary mirrors in our collection, which perfectly complement the rest of the Tom Faulkner collection.


    Mirrors can brighten up any area of the home, from the hallway to the bedroom, and have the added benefit of making any space seem larger and lighter. Our collection of art deco mirrors has been carefully selected from a range of noted Italian designers and some are designed and made by us. The distinctive contemporary style of our metal framed mirrors ensures they complement the unique look of the rest of the Tom Faulkner furniture collection.

    Every mirror in our collection is designed with a playful and creative touch which is suited to either traditional or modern interiors.  

    Some of the mirrors in the collection are available in a variety of different finishes so you can ensure that they will fit in with your colour scheme. Several of the mirrors are also available in different shapes so you can choose a round, square or rectangular shapes to suit your home.