How to Care for Your Glass Table

Glass tables are classic, clean additions to the home. They’re wonderfully versatile to suit all styles, and are sure to give any space that simple, slightly modern lift. Although, that sort of crystalline perfection requires a bit of care to keep it looking its best. Thankfully, Tom’s got a treasure trove of tips that make it a breeze…


How to keep a glass tabletop clear

A simple way to guard against scratches is by using drinks coasters and placemats. They can also serve as decorative elements, adding visual intrigue to a beautifully simple glass tabletop. If you’re displaying serving platters on the table for a family-style feasts, be sure to lay pot guards or mats before placing the tableware. This will help to keep your glass table safe from excessive exposure to heat as well as avoid scratches. To discourage guests from sliding platters amongst themselves, be sure to wrap nice, thick dish towels around warmer platters so they can be comfortably passed. If, despite your best efforts, your Tom Faulkner tabletop does become scratched beyond repair, we’re able to replace the glass and dispose of the damaged top responsibly. So, you can rest easy and truly enjoy your table!


How to clean oil off glass tables

Any successful dinner party tends to come with its share of clean-up. A smattering of your culinary creations may wind up inadvertently decorating the tabletop. With the right tools, it’s easy to clear it up in a matter of minutes. Tom Faulkner’s glass cleaner is the best product available for the job and an ever-intrepid sidekick for your post-dinner clean-up routine. Simply spray the fine mist over the table and rub it in with some kitchen towel. Flip the towel over and wipe away any oily messes. For the perfectionists out there, it’s worth repeating the process for the best results, leaving your glass table clear as day. The good news is every glass Tom Faulkner table comes complete with our glass cleaner so it’s always easy to keep the piece looking brilliant and smudge-free.


How to clean fingerprints off glass tables

Fingerprints are inevitable souvenirs of everyday use. They are notoriously insidious little marks that add up to obscure that beautiful, crystalline look of a glass table. The Tom Faulkner glass cleaner works wonders on them, almost miraculously dissolving any oil left on the surface. Though, if you’ve not got any on-hand, the old vinegar and newspaper trick will serve you well. Mix equal parts water and white vinegar then place your concoction into a spray bottle to mist onto any smudges. Give the glass a wipe with newspaper for an almost alchemical clean. The dense fibres of newspaper band together to offer a sturdier scrubber than your average kitchen towel without leaving any flyaways in their wake. They’re clear of any abrasive particulates which could scratch the glass surface, ensuring it retains peak clarity and translucence. The material also absorbs excess moisture as it goes to avoid streaking. It’s a wonderful environmentally friendly way to reuse household items to keep your glass tabletop looking its best.


How to get rid of wax on glass tables

Oh, the horror of wax on a glass table…It smudges, it spreads, it seems to almost seep into the very fibre of the glass. Though, it’s actually not such an insurmountable blunder as it would first appear, provided you know Tom’s trick of the trade. Once again, white vinegar works wonders in this case. When applied to the wax, it will dissolve the oil, lifting it away from the tabletop. White spirit is a fantastic alternative, working in a similar way. Once you’ve cleared away the bulk of the problem, give the table a once-over with the Tom Faulkner glass cleaner to return it to its former glory. Turns out it’s as easy as that!



Text by Annabel Colterjohn