Moon Base and stems with Breccia Capraia, Moon and Stainless Steel tops

Finished in "Moon" with Polished stainless steel, Breccia Capraia marble and Moon tops

Moon Base and stem with Moon top

Moon base and stem with a polished stainless steel top

Moon base and stem with a polished stainless steel top

Lily Cocktail Table with moon finish base and stems

For this version of the Lily cocktail tables, the bases are made in our distinctive ‘Moon‘ finish. The tops and bases are created using a traditional blacksmithing technique, which leaves the surface of the steel deeply textured but beautifully smooth to the touch. The stems are similarly treated, giving them a hammered texture. This take on the Lily is available in three sizes and three different heights. If you’d like to create a bit of variation in yours, you can opt for any of our marble and metal tops┬áto complement the ‘Moon’ stem and base below. Explore all of the available finishes, including polished stainless steel, here.

If you’ve got any questions on how to choose a drinks table, our guide on the subject is a great place to start.


Why we love it

The Lily cocktail tables with bases treated in our ‘Moon’ finish (created with a blacksmithing technique to add texture to the metal surface) are new to our collection.

The stems are slightly thicker than those of the standard Lily and are hammered to give them an entrancing texture.

These Lilies are available with all the usual top options, as well as polished stainless steel.

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