Statement Dining Tables

A good dining table grounds the room – but a great dining table has the capacity to make a real statement. Pieces designed with originality, bold silhouettes, and unrelenting attention to detail can become a shining focal point of their space. They can convey distinctive design tastes and reflect the personality of a home and its residents. Statement furniture comes in many forms, but it’s often most effective as a larger staple piece that’s likely to stay put, even if you do give other elements of the room a refresh. To spark your imagination, we’ve collected a few of our boldest dining tables that stand out in just about any environment…


Sculptural Dining Table


Our AVA Dining Table catches the eye with its strong, sculptural form. Upon closer inspection, the design draws you in with a complex geometrical treatment of the metal base. Each plate meets in a central twist before splaying out to support the marble top. A rich, striated marble ties in beautifully with the patinated bronze base. If you do opt for marble, be sure to have a look at our tips for maintaining it. The AVA can be custom made to feature the top of your choice as well as a range of finishes to set it apart in any design scheme.


Pedestal Dining Table


The Capricorn Dining Table is our signature piece. It’s a contemporary reworking of classical design elements, drawing on symmetry, order, and simplicity. The piece foregoes excessive ornamentation, relying instead on a clean, sweeping silhouette to draw the eye. It’s handcrafted every step of the way to ensure each seam and every curve is articulated to perfection.



Metal Dining Table


The Angel Dining Table takes its cues from Antony Gormley’s monumental Angel of the North sculpture. There’s a softness and a visceral sense of the hand to this table, despite its pared-back form and almost Brutalist materiality. The metal top gives the piece a sense of uniformity and adds to its brazenly modern effect. The curved corners of the top mellow the design and bring an approachable, convivial element to the dining table, adding to its functionality.


Stylised Dining Table


This is a piece that instantly commands the room. The Vienna Dining Table’s Art Nouveau-inspired base, with its sinuous, slightly whimsical curvilinear form imparts an uplifting, unfussy quality. It certainly carries a sense of occasion, but steers clear of buttoned-up formality. We think it’s especially striking when paired with a rectangular Sycamore top with soft, swooping corners.


Colourful Dining Table


Our classic Edge Dining Table begins as three plates of metal. They’re carefully conjoined to appear as though they’re leaning lightly together, like Richard Serra’s House of Cards sculpture. There’s a simplicity of form to the table, which is set ablaze with a cascade of pink light as it filters through the Dichroic glass top. This is what you might call a showstopper, as architecturally structural as it is chromatically playful.


Nature-Inspired Dining Table


The Papillon collection was inspired by the organic lines of Joshua Tree’s rock formations, though it’s since evolved to embody certain butterfly-influenced elements reflected in its many technicoloured finishes. Opting for a clear glass top leaves the meandering base on display in all its glory. It is, however, important to keep the glass in good condition for maximum effect. Have a look our guide to learn our top tips for maintaining a glass tabletop. For those who prefer a more materially rich surface, we have a range of wooden and marble tops available as well.


If you’re looking to make a bigger splash with a more substantial footprint, the Papillon Dining Table also comes in a double pedestal format. The twin springs support a vast swath of marble, wood, or glass, giving the table a sweeping effect that’s sure to invite admiration.



Once you’ve got the stand-out dining table, all you’ll need is the culinary spread and a perfect playlist. We can’t help you with the food bit, but Tom has got you covered on music!




Text by Annabel Colterjohn